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Scientific study shows that eating healthy can increase stability, stamina and productively.


Meal Prep Service

   Macrobox Meals offers healthy corporate catering across Orange County as well as Los Angeles County. Our business meal plans allow you to provide your employees with a fresh alternative to unhealthy foods. Providing our healthy, home-cooked meals helps create a workplace environment that keeps everyone happy and satisfied.


As an employer, you probably already know that when your employees are happy, productivity can skyrocket. Take the next step in customizing your company’s corporate wellness program by offering catered meals from Macrobox, delivered straight to your office door.

We take the work out of eating healthy so cooking is one less job that you have to do. 


MacroBox Meals offer business meal plans and delivers to your office for a healthy convenient solution. 

Orders can be made by creating an account or by your local MacroBox Meals representative.

Let's build teamwork and achieving goals together.

We can help create a specialized program for Corporate wellness challenge

Create a workplace that keeps your employees happy and satisfied by

Eating healthy and can help increase productivity in the workplace.

Not a business owner or Manager?

Get your colleagues together and save!

Plan together with your co-workers with delivery to the same office and save on shipping.


Get 8 of your colleague together  with the combined purchase of $800, receive up to 20% off (INCLUDING MEAL PLANS)


   If you’re not a business owner or manager, but still want to save on delicious lunches that are good for you, Macrobox offers a deal for group orders. If you plan with your co-workers and deliver to the same office you can receive up to 20% off, including meal plans. Stay away from the vending machine lunches and opt instead for a delicious, warm meal that will make you feel better too from Macrobox Meals.

We cater Macrobox Meals to your office

Executive breakfast, Staff Luncheons, Company Picnics.  Tell us, we'll be there

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A recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Economic Research Service (ERS) investigated factors like length of work days affected individuals food choices and other health objectives. The following factors affect the quantity and the types of food the average person took in each day:

  • Length of time between eating

  • Location where food choices were made

  • Length of hours worked