Whether you need a radical change to your diet or simply don’t have the time to meal prep and plan every week, Macrobox’s meal prep subscription for Los Angeles and Orange County is the answer you’ve been looking for. Choose a meal plan professionally curated by our master chefs or create a custom menu for yourself—the choice is yours. No matter what you will receive healthy, well-balanced meals that taste amazing and leaves you feeling that way too! Get started on your Macrobox meal prep subscription today.


Save time and money, let Macrobox Meals help make your life simple.  

Our monthly subscription works by paying 4 weeks in advance and we will make sure your meals are delivered on your chosen date.  Enjoy the benefits of our subscription plan with free delivery in Orange County or $10 off your delivery fee.


Easy, convenient and hassel free.  You can pause your subscriptions anytime.  


Call or Email now to set up your meal plan subsricption now!

Different options available.

Choose your protein size

Choose to add carbs or double up on veggies. 

We do not offer low carb options for breakfest.

Dont forget to add your snacks!


CALL: 714-812-3385

EMAIL: Macroboxmeals@gmail.com


Going on Vaca?  Email us to pause your subscription anytime.


Make sure you keep meals fresh and cool by adding a cooler bag and ice packs.

Please remember to place your reusable coolers bags in front of doorstep on your next delivery day.

Never Bland and always Fresh, Delicious, Nutritious.

Subscription Plan

  • Refrigerators should be set to maintain a temperature of 40'F or below to ensure maximum shelf life. Due to warm weather, food should not be consumed if left out for more than 2 hrs.

  • Heat 1-2 minutes

    DON'T FORGET to remove plastic cup or fruit inside before heating