Yummy delicious marinated Korean BBQ tacos. Our Korean tacos come with a refreshing cole slaw salad and spicy Roja sauce.


Regular Carbohydrate 

4oz: kCal: 350 Protein: 37g  Carb: 20g  Fat: 13g

6oz: kCal: 445 Protein: 53g  Carb: 20g  Fat: 17g

8oz: kCal: 575 Protein: 71g  Carb: 21g  Fat: 23g

Low carbohydrate: (double up on veggies)

4 oz: kCal: 296  Protein: 35g  Carb: 12g  Fat: 13g

6 oz: kCal: 405  Protein: 51g  Carb: 12g  Fat: 17g

8 oz: kCal: 514  Protein: 66g  Carb: 13g  Fat: 22g

Roja Sauce:

kCal:50  Protein: 4g  Carb: 6g  Fat: 1g


Food Allergy: Meals are prepared in a kitchen whose environment contains tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, soy, eggs, and wheat. Cross-contamination may occur.

Korean Beef Tacos

Protein Option
Carbohydrate Option
  • Refrigerators should be set to maintain a temperature of 40'F or below to ensure maximum shelf life. Due to warm weather, food should not be consumed if left out for more than 2 hrs.