This delicious, low carb Italian meatballs is made with hand made lean ground beef, slow cooked tomatoes in herb and spices.  Served on a bed of mix pasta noodles and zucchini noodles. Topped with Parmesan cheese 

Regular Carbohydrate  (half pasta noodles/ half zucchini noodles)

4 oz: kCal:328  Protein: 27g Carb: 24g  Fat: 16g

6 oz: kCal:428  Protein: 47g Carb: 24g  Fat: 22g

8 oz: kCal:528  Protein: 48g Carb: 25g  Fat: 29g

Low Carbohydrate (double zucchini noodles)

4 oz: kCal:306  Protein: 15g Carb: 13g  Fat: 7g

6 oz: kCal:406  Protein: 25g Carb: 13g  Fat: 15g

8 oz: kCal:506  Protein: 48g Carb: 14g  Fat: 29g


Contains: gluten, dairy

Food Allergy: Meals are prepared in a kitchen whose environment contains tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, soy, eggs, and wheat. Cross-contamination may occur.

Beef meatballs Zoodles

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